Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Welcome to CAS Rome 2007

Welcome to CAS Rome 2007 -- here we will describe the progress of a study abroad program in the summer of 2007.

CAS Rome 2007 is a program of the Department of Communication Arts & Sciences at Penn State University, sponsored by the Office of Education Abroad and hosted by the Penn State Sede di Roma.

Program director: Professor Thomas W. Benson

Program Faculty: Professor Thomas W. Benson, Professor Stephen H. Browne

Graduate Assistants: Jennifer Biedendorf, Scott Simpson, Michael Tumolo, Jill Weber

Program brochure

This blog is an experiment for the participants, family, and friends of the CAS summer program in Rome. Participation is by invitation only -- please let Professor Benson know if you would like to join, or to have an invitation sent to a family member. Invitations are also being sent to some faculty and staff members at Penn State. Although membership will be somewhat restricted by registration, please note that privacy cannot be entirely guaranteed, so use good judgment about what you post in your comments. Comments are moderated. Irrelevant or offensive comments will be removed.

This blog is not meant to be a substitute for the formal academic information posted on ANGEL and the program site at Penn State. It is, instead, a place where we can share and publish informal accounts of the ongoing program, post some photographs, and share useful links.

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