Sunday, May 13, 2007

buon viaggio!


You are off today. Be patient with the newly complex airport security regulations, drink plenty of water, try to get a little sleep on the plane, and always be alert about your belongings.

Two of Margaret's students arrived last evening, and another this morning, and we met them to give them a key so they could get into their apartment. They told us that they had followed the directions about how to take the tram and train and that it had all worked very clearly, though it was a little bit of a struggle to get their heavy bags onto the tram. But on entering the tram you will not need to climb any steps, so that will make it easier.

When you leave the train at Stazione Trastevere and come out the front doors, you will see a small parking area in front of the station. Here if you wish you can usually find a taxi lurking, or you can easily find the tram by walking just past the parking lot and going left to the tram stop on the corner.

Here's the parking lot --

If you look back you'll see the Trastevere train station you have just left --

Walk around the left side of the parking lot, and you will find a shaded street going uphill to the left; there are tracks. The track nearest you is the one you want . Tram 8, marked for ARGENTINA, will approach from your left. Get on and punch your bus/metro ticket in the cancellation machine.

Get off at the last stop, LARGO ARGENTINA --->

Go over to the sidewalk that runs up the left side of the square and cross to the top of the square using the crosswalk and pedestrian lights.

After you cross the street, and find yourself at the top of the square, walk towards the right along the head of the Largo Argentina and turn left past this building at the first street -- this is via dei Cestari (the street of the basket makers). Following the map on the directions I posted on the web, you will walk up via dei Cestari -- Tom and Margaret Benson are in the apartment above the barber pole on the right. In the shop on the left is the tailor that makes the robes for the Pope and other church officials.

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