Thursday, May 17, 2007


On Tuesday, May 15, the students in the four Penn State summer programs met with Romolo Martemucci, director of the Penn State Sede di Roma for a general orientation. We are

- Communication Arts & Sciences
- Human Development and Family Studies
- Nutrition
- Architectural Engineering

Romolo, who is also an associate professor of architecture at Penn State, urged the students to get the most they could out of the program by being aware of the differences between cultures, and by taking advantage of the unique design of these programs, which are faculty led and focused primarily on academics.

Professor Martemucci also offered a few warnings -- he said that the number one problem for the program was student drinking, which led to other problems. He warned of the danger of date rape drugs and certain bars, of the differences between Italian and American law and attitudes, and told of two drunk American students he had pulled off a windowsill four stories above a cobblestone courtyard the night before.

Professor Martemucci reminded students that NO GUESTS are permitted in the apartments who are not part of the program, and NO OVERNIGHT GUESTS are permitted, ever. The program can sometimes find space for out of town visitors.

Be careful of the 220 volt electricity.

Keep your apartment clean.

Take out the garbage late every night or early every morning.

Appreciate the hard working staff.

After Romolo's orientation, the CAS group met in our classroom - the seminar room off via Lata.

And so, we have begun.

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