Friday, May 11, 2007

In Rome

Margaret and I arrived in Rome on Wednesday morning, May 9. We have been setting up housekeeping in our Penn State apartment on via dei Cestari and working with the Penn State Sede di Roma.

It is now Friday morning. Margaret is out with Linda Usai to check on two of the apartments where her HDFS students will be staying.

I am at the Sede in what I think will be our CAS classroom for most of the summer. Just an hour or so ago, Scott Simpson and Raena Quinlivan arrived from Penn State.

Raena taught with us in the CAS program last summer as one of our four graduate students; this summer Scott will be one of the four. Scott and Raena are off to Bologna and Venice today and will come back to Rome on Monday.

Cell phones -- Linda Usai tells me that she has found a place where it is possible to buy a cell phone for just 20 Euro -- this is a very good bargain, and will make communicating with each other and with home a lot simpler. More details next Monday and Tuesday.

See you all soon.

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